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Slice your clip

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Drag and resize the box to wherever your facecam is.

Select your gameplay

Drag and resize the box to where your gameplay is. This is the gameplay which you'll see below your facecam in the final video.

Add a little magic to your video

Add stickers

Let viewers know who you are

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Let people know what your clip is about

Automated captions

Add subtitles so people can watch without sound
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J’utilise streamladder et j’edit usually mes tiktoks direct dans l’app si je veux mettre des sous titres, mais c’est juste la « base »
streamladder! put your clips straight into the website and you can edit super easy

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StreamLadder is a social media video creator that lets you easily turn your Twitch clips into viral videos. It's super easy to use, has tons of features and completely free!
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Add a sparkle to your videos with custom text, stickers or automated captions.

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StreamLadder is an online tool to turn your clips from Twitch or YouTube into perfect social media videos. It's really easy to use, has tons of features and free!

StreamLadder Free

Unleash the power of social media to grow your stream. Convert unlimited videos without watermarks and enjoy our free templates for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

StreamLadder Silver

Silver plan
Unlock premium templates, gain access to the mobile website, save your flow and make the most of your videos by adding automated captions, stickers or text.

StreamLadder Gold

Gold plan
Advanced features to take your stream to the next level – faster rendering, custom text styles and stickers, rendering multiple videos at once, scheduling your videos and more.


Explore our blog for more in-depth information about streaming on Twitch, posting on TikTok and YouTube and using StreamLadder to make better videos.


Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We are here to help.
What is StreamLadder?

StreamLadder is an online platform specializing in turning Twitch videos into perfect videos for social media. With an ever-expanding set of easy-to-use online tools, anyone can use StreamLadder to edit and schedule Twitch stream clips, get them in the right format and enhance them with stickers, text or automatically generated captions.

How does StreamLadder work?

On, you can edit a Twitch clip and turn it from landscape to portrait by uploading a file from your computer, entering an URL or Twitch username. You can select one of the layouts and crop various parts of the video, like the gameplay and facecam, and move them around. There’s also the ability to add text, stickers or subtitles. After rendering the video, you can download it or post it to social media directly. 

What are the benefits of using StreamLadder?

StreamLadder is easy to use, you can use the basic version for free without any forced watermarks. There are no editing skills required and you don’t need to make an account or login to use it. 

Is StreamLadder free to use?

The basic version of StreamLadder is completely free. To unlock more features, like adding automated captions or faster rendering, you can upgrade to StreamLadder Silver or Gold. 

How much does StreamLadder Silver or Gold cost and what does it do?

You can find the current pricing at: Upgrading from a free account to StreamLadder Silver plan unlocks more layout options, access to use the mobile site, automatic captions and the options to add text or stickers to your video, amongst other things. StreamLadder Gold will improve your render speed and quality, unlock access to the content planner, give you the opportunity to connect multiple accounts and more.

How can I sign up for StreamLadder?

Go to and sign up for free. No account is needed to access and use StreamLadder, but having an account will make it easier to keep track of your videos, templates and saving your preferred settings. 

What features does StreamLadder offer?

Content creators can use StreamLadder to convert their Twitch content or other videos shot in landscape (19:6) to portrait (6:19). They can also use it to edit clips and add stickers, text and automatically generate subtitles or captions. By enabling safe zones during the editing process, you can see where the buttons for TikTok and YouTube shorts will be, to avoid important details getting hidden behind their interfaces. You can also use StreamLadder’s content planner to schedule your videos to be posted on social media. 

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