How to add captions to your videos for social media

Get more views by adding subtitles to your YouTube, Instagram and TikTok content.

How to add captions to your videos for social media

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Did you know that at least 60% of people watch videos on their phones without sound? This means that without captions you risk excluding more than half your potential audience. Time to add them, then! This is the easiest way. 

Adding captions with StreamLadder

You might think you’ll need to sit down and transcribe everything that is said in every video you want to add captions to. With StreamLadder, you don’t have to do any of that. 

1. Upload your video

Upload your video to You can choose from your files, or if you’re specifically converting Twitch clips, you can find them in your feed.

2. Choose your text style

Under captions, choose how you want your text to look.

3. Choose the language

Select which language people are speaking in the video and hit ‘Generate’.

4. Edit and export

You can now tinker around a bit with the settings. You can edit the text, how long you want them to be shown, add in more text or delete parts, select the size, add in emojis or rotation and more. Once you’re happy, hit ‘Export’.

5. Render and share

Your video will render and can then be downloaded or shared directly to social media – or scheduled for later. Keep an eye on your stats and discover how much better your engagement will be once you add in captions.

Streamer: JoeR247

Why you should add captions to your social media videos

Since you’re here reading this article, you probably won’t need any more convincing as to why you should add captions. But here are some of the main reasons more people watch videos with subtitles.

It’s accessible

By adding captions, you’re making the content inclusive to people who are deaf or hard of hearing (or people who don’t want to be rude in public environments).

It’s easier to understand

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp what the person is really saying in the video, especially if the audio is bad, if the speaker has a strong accent or speaks really fast. 

It's better for SEO

The algorithm loves videos with captions, which means it can do better when it comes to discoverability. 

You'll have better engagement

Captions allow viewers to watch the video even if they’re somewhere noisy and unable to turn up the volume, increasing the engagement for the video.

Turn your videos into perfect content for social media and add captions. Try StreamLadder for free. 

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