How to turn your Twitch clip into the perfect TikTok

From Twitch to TikTok – here's how to get your Twitch stream clip into the right aspect ratio for TikTok.

How to turn your Twitch clip into the perfect TikTok

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Posting your Twitch content to social media is a good way to attract new viewers to your stream – especially on TikTok. You can use an editor like StreamLadder to get your Twitch stream clip into the right aspect ratio for TikTok. Here’s how to make TikTok clips from Twitch.

Step 1: Select a clip

Go to StreamLadder and select a clip. You can upload a local file from your device, search a clip from a streamer (From Twitch) or enter the link to the clip. If you choose the latter, make sure the link has one of the following formats:

Step 2: Select a layout

Now you can start editing your Twitch clip. First, select a layout by choosing one of the options in our library. There are options with and without a face cam and there’s also an option to show the interface of the game. Pick the one that suits your video best.

Tip: If you have a video with a face cam and game feed and want to fill the entire screen without any blurry areas, you can crop the face area in a rectangle and the game feed area in a square format.

There are multiple layouts to choose from on StreamLadder.

Step 3: Select areas

Select the areas of the Twitch clip you want to use in your TikTok video: your gamefeed and possibly the facecam and game interface. This is also where you can edit the clip to make it shorter by using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Add stickers, text and captions

Depending on your StreamLadder subscription plan, you can add text or stickers and generate automated captions for your video. Lots of people watch videos without sound, so by adding text or captions, it’s easier to give them an idea what the video is about.

For each option, there are a number of pre-made styles available in the library, but you can also make your own custom style or sticker.

Tip: Make sure to turn on the safe zones option to see where the TikTok buttons will be, so you can take that into account when placing text, captions or stickers.

With safe zones enabled, you can easily see where the TikTok like, share and comment buttons will be.

Step 5: Download your video

Now, all that's left to do is to choose your output settings, render and download the video. Rendering doesn’t take long. You can download the video to your device first, save it to the cloud, get a QR-code or send it to TikTok or YouTube Shorts to post it immediately. Or – you can use the StreamLadder content planner to plan your video to be posted later.

And that’s it! Easy peasy. Want to give it a go? Go to and start turning your Twitch highlights into the perfect TikToks right away.

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