How you can (really) get more followers on Twitch

Here are 8 tried and tested strategies to gain more followers.

How you can (really) get more followers on Twitch

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When you’re first starting out streaming on Twitch, it might seem impossible to gain more viewers and followers. And unlike Mario Kart, there’s no (legit) shortcut you can use – but luckily, there are some tried and tested strategies that can help you on your way.

Consistency is key

Establishing a regular streaming schedule is important for building a loyal following. Decide on a consistent schedule that works for you and stick to it. Your viewers will know when to expect you to be online, which can encourage them to return to your channel.

Interact with your audience

One of the benefits of live streaming is the ability to interact with your viewers in real-time. Take the time to respond to messages in the chat, ask for feedback and make your viewers feel welcome. Engaging with your audience can help build a sense of community and increase viewer loyalty.

Network with other streamers

Collaborating with other streamers can help you reach new audiences and connect with potential viewers. Join online communities, attend events and reach out to other creators to build relationships and expand your reach.

Promote your channel

Use social media to promote your stream, post highlights and share updates about your streaming schedule. Share links to your channel on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms to reach new viewers and grow your audience. With StreamLadder, you can easily edit and crop the highlights of your stream to post to social media.

With StreamLadder, you can reposition the elements of your Twitch stream with various layout options to make your video suitable for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts and other social media platforms.

Provide high-quality content

Your content is what will keep viewers coming back to your channel. Offer unique, high-quality content that sets you apart from other streamers. This can include gameplay, commentary, music and other forms of entertainment. Continuously improve your content to keep your viewers engaged and coming back for more.

Utilize tags and titles

Make sure your stream titles and tags accurately describe your content and include keywords that potential viewers may be searching for. This will help your channel appear in relevant search results and attract new viewers.

Improve your production quality

Investing in quality equipment and improving your stream production value can help make your channel stand out. Use a high-quality microphone, webcam and graphics to make your stream look and sound professional.

Be yourself

Finally, be authentic and true to yourself. People are drawn to streamers who are genuine, relatable, and authentic. Don't try to be someone you're not and focus on building a community around your personality and unique content.

Remember, growing a following takes time and dedication. Focus on providing high-quality content, engaging with your viewers, and promoting your channel, and you'll eventually see your channel grow.

Here at StreamLadder, we want you to succeed. That's why we're trying to make it as easy as possible for you to edit your Twitch clips to be shared and promoted on TikTok, YouTube and other social media platforms, so you can gain more followers.

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