Latest features: what’s new on StreamLadder

Check out the latest product updates on StreamLadder.

Latest features: what’s new on StreamLadder

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We’re always trying to make StreamLadder better, with new and improved features. It can be easy to miss all the things we’ve been working on, so here is an overview of all the features we’ve recently released. 

New Dashboard

Find everything you need in your dashboard. Access all of your favorite tools, like the EmoteMaker in one place.

Captions 2.0

  • Change and add emojis – change or add emojis to our AI suggested captions to adapt the captions to your own tone of voice
  • Add custom emojis – go beyond the standard emoji set and add your own
  • Change colors – change the colors of the captions quickly and easily
  • Better UX - new and improved UX for a better experience
  • Delete captions in bulk – delete large sections of the suggested captions with ease
  • Easy editing of text – edit the suggested subtitles in multiple ways
  • Reset your deleted captions – remove your edits and reset the captions with one click
  • Press backspace or delete completely – quicker editing 
  • Type your own text – add your own captions to the timeline 
  • Feedback and product update (in app)

New Sticker Templates

  • Stickers with multiple social accounts – let people know on which socials to find you by adding stickers. If you have more than one, you can now select ‘multiple accounts’ and select which social icons you want to show.
  • More colors – there are new color options to choose from for many sticker templates

Additions to the Content Publisher

  • Instant posting – now, posting or scheduling videos means they go live on YouTube or TikTok instantly. You no longer have to open the app on your phone to hit publish.
  • View per week or month – switch easily between a monthly or weekly view to keep track of what you've got coming up.
  • Color-coded status check: easily monitor the status of your clips, where Blue = Scheduled, Green = Posted, Red = Error and Gray = Processing
With the Content Publisher, you can plan and post your videos in advance. Connect your social media accounts and keep an easy overview of what to post and when. You can find the Content Publisher in your new Dashboard.


Automatically detects and removes silences, dead air and awkward pauses from your clips. 

Streamer: JoeR247

Timed Stickers and Text 

Choose when your stickers appear in the clip. You can set your stickers for a short duration instead of having them there for the entirety of the clip. Just click on the little clock to choose when your sticker or text should be displayed.

Streamer: JoeR247


You can now make emotes for your Twitch stream from your clips within literally seconds with our free EmoteMaker tool. Not sure how to use it? Check out our guide on making your own animated emotes.

You can upload any video to the EmoteMaker. Even videos of your dog.

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