Not a Gamer? Here's What Else's Streaming on Twitch

Unleash your inner non-gamer on Twitch! Explore music, art, real-life streams & esports. Find your niche on Twitch Categories, even if you're not a gamer.

Not a Gamer? Here's What Else's Streaming on Twitch

While it is true that, for the longest time, Twitch has been synonymous with gaming—drawing millions of gamers and viewers from across the world—it has also become so much more than that. No matter whether you're interested in live music, arts, real-life streams, or even e-sports, something will be there for everyone to enjoy.

In this blog post, we look at some of the most popular non-gaming categories on Twitch. So, if you're not a gamer, here's what else is on Twitch.

Exploring the IRL Category

The IRL (In Real Life) category delivers a very interesting peek into the daily life of streamers, their adventures, or what they are up to. It could be travel vlogs, cooking demonstrations, study sessions, workouts, casual chats, you name it. IRL streams allow much more personal and interactive experiences, since the viewers can see the real people behind their favorite channels, and have a chance to become part of the streamer's life and influence the content by themselves. This is where the IRL category comes into place: is perfect for anyone who enjoys reality TV or is interested in life ways and different cultures.

charliebusbus @ twitch

Finding Music Streams

Music streams on Twitch have provided a sanctuary for musicians and music lovers. From live concerts to DJ sets, acoustic sessions, music reactions, and finally, learning how to arrange music, there is much musical content to explore on the site. Many musicians now use their Twitch channels to interact directly with fans: playing live, taking song requests, and even jamming with other musicians live on stream. Yet another music stream' attraction on Twitch is the diversity in genres and style. Whether you are a fan of electronic dance music, classical performance, indie rock, or hip-hop—odds are, there is a streamer for that. For those interested in what goes on behind the music, many streamers also share their process. You can learn how to write lyrics or produce beats, for example, and pick up some new skills yourself.

belleune @ twitch

Arts and Craft Streams

Twitch is not just a place for gamers and musicians; it also has an incredibly creative community of artists and crafters. Creative streams may be painting, drawing, sculpting, crafting, knitting, or streaming digital art. A truly great way to watch art come to life in real-time is to be inspired and learn from other upcoming artists and craft enthusiasts. Some creative streamers create while commenting on their technique and sharing tips, and some even take advice from their viewers about what to do with their projects. In that sense, it becomes a highly interactive environment where one learns and grows with their favorite streamers. On the other hand, some streamers work on unique and niche crafts from traditional forms of art, such as cosplay creation, model building, and calligraphy. It's this diversity that makes the creative category in Twitch always something new, engaging, and exciting to discover.

jensclaessens @ twitch

The Rise of Esports on Twitch

Esports has exploded in popularity over the past decade, and Twitch has been at the front lines of this revolution. It's the biggest hub for competitive gaming with games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. With viewership in the millions, esports is one of the most significant categories on Twitch; it has been for a while now. Esports streams on Twitch provide fans with front-row seats to some of the biggest tournaments and leagues in the world. Viewers can watch their favorite teams and players compete, listen to live commentary, and even be part of the show—or rather competition—through interactive chat discussions. The community and excitement sensed from these events form an experience quite similar to that of traditional sports. In addition to live event coverage, many esports organizations and players use Twitch to stream their practice sessions, offer tutorials, and interact with the fanbase. This kind of inside look allows a user to feel closer to the community and reveals the strategy and skills that meld together to create an outstanding player.

Finding Your Place in the Twitch Community

Twitch is no longer just about gaming; it is a varied and dynamic community with manifold interests. In these non-gaming categories, you could find yourself with a new passion and lifelong friends, but never running out of exciting content. If you are not a gamer, do not hesitate to go over to the other fun parts of Twitch. You may very well discover your next favorite channel and become part of the very ever-expanding community on Twitch.

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