Staying Relevant on Twitch according to GamerDad

Learn from GamerDad, about the reality of streaming success on Twitch. Discover his tips on viewer retention, community building, and maintaining autheticity.

Staying Relevant on Twitch according to GamerDad

GamerDad, aka the OG Gamer, has been playing games since the original Arcade days and continues his love for gaming with League. He has been in the game long enough to have a real insider’s view on how the streaming world works, debunking the myth of effortless streaming stardom and sharing the real grind behind streamers’ success. 

The evolution of Twitch over time

As someone who started streaming himself when Twitch was still a baby – GamerDad has seen streamers come and go, as well as all the other changes that the platform has gone through. Watching Twitch evolve has been like watching a whole new world unfold – but staying relevant and keeping viewers hooked can be a challenge. There’s a group of people that got really big and stayed big while some others fizzled out quickly, and people who’ve had unpredictable ups and downs in viewer counts. “People might get bored of your show and then switch and watch something else. So I'm well aware that this can all go away or suddenly blow up and/or go away,” GamerDad tells us. He goes on to debunk the myth of quick fame on the platform, "Nobody is an overnight success without hard work.” For him, he had to keep trying and experimenting with TikTok until it finally popped off. “Have I mentioned StreamLadder really helped me out?” We loved to hear that!

    “Nobody is an overnight success without hard work.”

Getting your viewers to stay

The question is: how do you retain your viewer’s attention? Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand for fame. He goes on to tell us what he’s seen happen on Twitch. “Sometimes if you're first, you get lucky and then that's great. And I know lots of people that were lucky in the beginning, that aren't around anymore because they didn't take it seriously.” He tells us that the people who actually stuck around actually put in the work for it and treated it as something more than a hobby. But, he reminds us that if you’re just starting out, the most important thing is you’re having fun doing it. “Because, honestly, if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?”

In his experience, you’ve got about 20 seconds to grab someone’s attention in your chat. It's like your personal elevator pitch, but instead of selling an idea, you're showcasing your personality. So, say you're doing a playthrough – don’t just silently focus on the game. Narrate your moves, share your strategy, let your viewers in on your thought process. Why? Because a silent streamer just staring at their screen – That's not going to cut it. 

You’re there to entertain

GamerDad’s very simple tip to keep you focused: “I had a little post-it note stuck up on my monitor, and it said: You are doing a show.” It is simple but actually a very powerful reminder for making your viewers stay on Twitch. “At the end of the day it’s all about the community, that’s what you’re trying to build, right?,” he says.

Don’t look at the numbers

Another golden rule for streamers is not to get hung up on numbers. GamerDad  shares that, for the longest time, he avoided looking at viewer counts. “When streamers say, 'Oh, I only had 30 people today' – have you ever stood in front of 30 people? That’s a whole classroom, a small auditorium! Even having just five viewers is like having a room full of people all paying attention to you. That's pretty awesome.”

Keep going

To close off with, GamerDad has a few final words of advice. Be patient, be grateful, and don't stress the numbers. Success on Twitch isn't just about how many people are watching – it's about the connections you make and the community you build. And the future? Well, that's full of surprises. "You never know what's around the corner," he says with a knowing smile. "Just keep streaming, keep engaging, and stay open to the unexpected. That's the magic of Twitch."

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