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The quickest way to download clips from Twitch

Download clips easily from Twitch with Clipsey.

The quickest way to download clips from Twitch

Even though Twitch doesn’t allow you to download clips from the platform directly – it’s actually not that hard to do. This is the easiest and quickest way to download clips from Twitch.

Why download clips?

Downloading clips from Twitch can be useful as it allows you to save a copy for yourself, so you can watch it offline or even use them in your video projects. You can incorporate these clips into highlight reels, montages, compilation videos or even create social media content to promote your Twitch channel. The possibilities are endless.

How to download clips from Twitch

Downloading clips is a piece of cake with a tool called Clipsey.

  • Find the clip you want to download.
  • Copy the URL – make sure the link is formatted like this: or
  • Go to and paste the URL into the bar.
  • Hit Download clip.

If you download clips regularly, you can also download the Clipsey extension for Google Chrome. Find it in the Chrome web store and add it to your browser. Once activated, you will find a download button on all clips on Twitch.

About Clipsey

Clipsey is a free Twitch clip downloader that offers a user-friendly solution for downloading Twitch clips. With Clipsey, you can easily save your desired Twitch clip to your computer by copying and pasting the clip's URL into the provided text box. Simply click the 'Download Clip' button, and Clipsey will retrieve the clip's video file for you to save.

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