Essential commands for your Twitch chat bot

Three must-have timer commands that every streamer needs.

Essential commands for your Twitch chat bot

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In the world of streaming, a chatbot can be the Robin for your Batman – your trusty sidekick that helps you to moderate and automate certain aspects of your stream. But chances are, you’re not harnessing the full power of your virtual assistant. Here are three timer commands every streamer needs to set up in order to unlock the full potential of your chatbot. 

Follow command

Remind your viewers to follow you, if they haven’t already. Some people might just get so lost in the stream that they forget to follow you altogether, but with this command you can remind them ever so often to hit that follow button and stay in the loop – a periodic nudge that ensures that your viewers remain part of your streaming community. It’s good for growth, visibility and especially retention. 

Prime Sub command

Specifically for Twitch, this is a command to remind people about the option to use their Twitch Prime subscription on your channel. Twitch Prime is a premium membership for Amazon Prime members and includes a free subscription that you can use to support a Twitch channel of your choice. This command serves as a friendly reminder to your audience about the often underutilized benefit of Twitch Prime subscriptions, and by incorporating this command, you enlighten your viewers about the potential to bolster their favorite content creators while also maximizing their Prime membership perks.

Socials command

Set up a socials command to remind people to follow you on your other social media accounts, to stay up-to-date about you, your streaming schedule and more. This strategic tool can prompt viewers to connect with you across diverse social media platforms and can help you foster a cohesive online presence and cultivate a broader audience reach. It’s good for cross-promotion and can help further your growth. 

By embracing these three essential commands for your chatbot, you'll take your streaming experience to a whole new level. The Follow command builds your community, Prime Sub encourages support on Twitch, and Socials boosts your online presence. Your chatbot becomes your ally in creating an engaging and interactive streaming world. So, go ahead and equip these commands to watch your streaming journey thrive.

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