How to make sure you get the highest video quality

Learn why the video quality of your export is low, and how to fix it.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • When the original clip is low quality
  • When only the facecam is low quality
  • Frequently asked questions

1. The original clip is low quality

If you've imported a clip directly from Twitch, one reason the quality is poor could be that the resolution of the original clip isn't optimal. Read this guide to find out how to get the best quality on Twitch.

Did you upload a local file? Check the export settings of the software you used to create this video. Generally, 1080p resolution with a bitrate of at least 10.000kbps should create good enough quality for TikTok videos.

2. The facecam is low quality

If it's just your facecam that has poor quality, there are a few things that could be the cause.

Increase the size of your facecam on the stream

The size of your facecam on the stream determines in large part how it will look in processed clips for TikTok. If your facecam is too small, it needs to be stretched to fit into the vertical layout. An easy fix is to simply increase your facecam size on your stream. That will not just lead to better quality –  your viewers will also want to see you and your reactions to things happening in the game you're playing. 

Decrease the size of your facecam on TikTok

Another solution to improve the quality of your facecam is to decrease the size of your facecam on the TikTok clip. When editing your clip in StreamLadder, choose the Small Facecam layout. By choosing this layout, you can reduce the size of the facecam on the vertical video, which will make it appear sharper and of higher quality.

3. Frequently asked questions

Does StreamLadder reduce the quality of my clips?

No, StreamLadder doesn't reduce the quality of videos you import, even if that may look like it sometimes. Depending on the size of your facecam on your stream, the facecam might need to be stretched for it to be the correct size, specifically for the Split template. Stretching doesn't actually reduce the quality, but it might look like it does because it’s zoomed in. See the solutions above, under ‘the facecam is low quality’, for possible solutions. 

What if I’m still not happy with the video quality?

Don't overestimate the importance of the quality of your TikTok clips. Many videos with bad resolution have gone viral – in the end it's all about the content itself. A viewer on TikTok doesn't care as much about quality as you do, you are usually your own worst critic.

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