How to make the TikTok and YouTube Shorts algorithm work for you

Social media platforms are notoriously secretive about their algorithms and often make changes. However, there are certain tricks to apply and rules to follow to increase the chances of your content getting seen. 

In short:

  • Add captions
  • Add a hook
  • Post consistently 
  • Using hashtags
  • Keywords
  • Follow the rules
  • Find your niche

Add captions

Lots of users watch videos on TikTok and YouTube Shorts without sound. By adding captions to your videos, you can make your content accessible to a wider audience, increase engagement and help people discover your video through TikTok and YouTube’s algorithm. With captions, even those in noisy environments, without headphones or those with language barriers can enjoy your video. Automatic captions is a feature included in StreamLadder Silver and Gold.

Streamer: camilavainilla

Add a hook

Adding a hook to a TikTok or YouTube Shorts video can help you to capture the viewer's attention quickly. A hook at the beginning should be intriguing, entertaining or pose a question to entice viewers to keep watching until the end. Just adding a simple line of text like ‘Watch until the end…’, ‘Unbelievable kill !’ or ‘1 v 4’ can be enough, which you can do easily with the text feature on StreamLadder Silver and Gold.

Streamer: camilavainilla

Post consistently 

Posting regularly, preferably every day, on TikTok or YouTube Shorts keeps your audience engaged, plays into TikTok’s algorithm and can challenge you to get more creative in what you post. With our Content Publisher, available for StreamLadder Gold, you can easily plan and schedule posts in advance, making it easier to stick to a consistent posting schedule. 

Using hashtags

Hashtags are crucial on TikTok and YouTube because they help users discover your content, participate in trends and target specific audiences. They categorize your videos, making it easier for interested viewers to find your content. An effective hashtag strategy strikes a balance between popular trends and niche-specific tags, while avoiding adding too many hashtags to maintain a clean appearance.


Keywords are vital on platforms like TikTok and YouTube Shorts as they help the algorithm understand and categorize your content. They influence how your videos are recommended to users and affect their discoverability. By strategically using relevant keywords in your video captions and descriptions, you can increase the chances of your content reaching the right audience and gaining more views and engagement.

Follow the rules

Following TikTok and YouTube’s community guidelines and rules is crucial as violations can result in content removal, account suspension or banning. Adhering to these rules is also essential for maintaining a positive user experience and ensuring that the platform remains safe and enjoyable for all users. Compliance with TikTok's guidelines indirectly affects the algorithm by preventing penalties or restrictions on your account, allowing your content to reach a wider audience and potentially gain more visibility and engagement.

Find your niche

Finding your niche on TikTok and YouTube Shorts is important because it helps you stand out in a crowded content landscape and attracts a dedicated audience who share your interests. By finding your niche, you can create content that resonates with a specific target demographic, increasing the likelihood of your videos going viral within that community. A well-defined niche also makes it easier to create content, as you can focus on topics you are passionate about and knowledgeable in, leading to more authentic and compelling videos.

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