Publishing to TikTok with StreamLadder

Learn how to use StreamLadder to publish posts on TikTok.

Step 1: Publish a video

Publish a video by either converting a clip, or selecting an existing video from the My Videos page. From there, select the TikTok account you want to post to and add an interesting title and description.

Optional: Schedule your post

If you wan't you clip to be posted on a later that, you can do so by clicking the "Pick time" button and selecting a future date.

Step 2: Open the TikTok app

Your video isn't published automatically to TikTok yet. You need to do this inside the TikTok app itself. You will receive a notification, which you can tap. Don't receive a notification within 5 minutes? Then open the TikTok app yourself, and navigate to your Inbox and check for System notifications. There should be a message similar to this: Your StreamLadder video is ready (the exact title may differ depending on your language settings).

Step 3: Finish your post

You can now further edit the video with TikTok's tools if you would like to. If you're happy with the video, you can choose to post it to your Stories or hit Next for a regular post. Add a description, hashtags, mentions, location, etc. Once you're happy with your video, hit Post. Done! 🥳 Your video has now been posted to TikTok.

Frequently asked questions

Can I post to multiple social media accounts at once?

You can connect your StreamLadder account to both YouTube and TikTok and post to both platforms. With StreamLadder Gold, you can connect multiple YouTube and TikTok accounts to your StreamLadder accounts.

Why has the video that I scheduled not been posted to TikTok?

Unfortunately, due to API restrictions from TikTok, it's currently not possible to schedule or share posts and have them be published to TikTok automatically. You can share or schedule the video with StreamLadder and you will receive a notification on TikTok with the final video, which you can post from there. If you have scheduled the video for later, the notification will be sent on the scheduled time.

I can’t seem to connect my TikTok account to StreamLadder?

Please join our Discord group and ask for help in #support or create a ticket.

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