How to get more chatters on Twitch

Does it feel a bit quiet on your Twitch stream? Here's how to get more people talking.

How to get more chatters on Twitch

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Let your chat come alive! In this article, we explore strategies on how to get more chatters on Twitch. 

Why chatters are important

Community is the beating heart of Twitch, and chatters are an integral part of that. Chatting makes people feel more connected to you and others, and if not for the chat, people could just as well be watching videos on YouTube or some sort of streaming service. So, having a nice chat environment with lots of chatters is important for the viewing experience and encourages viewers to stay longer or return for future streams. 

Get more viewers

The first step in getting more chatters, is getting more viewers. The best way to get more people to watch your stream is to cross-post your content to other social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. With StreamLadder, you can convert your stream clips into videos for social media in no time. You can get it in the right format, add captions, stickers, text and more. 

Streamer: JoeR247

Make people feel welcome

One of the first steps in getting more chatters is making sure people feel welcome. You should strive to be approachable and responsive to chat messages, acknowledging viewers by name and actively participating in conversations. However, if there’s only one or two people in the chat, people might feel a little bit uncomfortable if you keep calling them out and chatting to them – so know where to find the balance. To keep a friendly and respectful chat environment, it can help to set clear guidelines for conduct. 

Make it more interactive

Integrating interactive features and games into the stream can help you get more people engaged and chatting. You could use chatbots to run polls, trivia quizzes or interactive games to turn viewers into active participants and make them feel more involved. Interactive overlays and alerts can also add an element of excitement and encourage viewers to join in with the fun. 

With StreamLadder, you can convert your stream clips into videos for social media in no time. You can get it in the right format, add captions, stickers, text and more. 

Community, community, community

Building a sense of community among viewers is key to getting a good, stable amount of chatters in the long run. You can create a dedicated Discord server or social media group where viewers can connect outside of the stream, share content and participate in discussions. You could also organize events, such as tournaments, giveaways or Q&A sessions, to encourage viewers to participate and strengthen the bond with your audience.

Consistency and engagement

Consistency is crucial in building a loyal group of chatters, so make sure to establish a regular streaming schedule. This helps viewers know when to expect new content and can encourage them to return for future streams. Also try to engage with viewers beyond streaming hours by posting regular videos to social media. You can use our Content Planner to create and maintain a consistent social media posting schedule.

Hopefully, these tips will get you a little bit closer to the community of chatters that you’ve always dreamt of. It can take a little while, but don’t give up – you’ll get there.

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