Why cross-posting is how you can grow your stream

The key to streaming success? It's cross-posting your content.

Why cross-posting is how you can grow your stream

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If you’ve tried streaming on Twitch, Kick or YouTube even just once, you’ll know how hard it is to get people to your stream, let alone for them to stay and watch. Even some of the most seasoned steamers sometimes struggle to get their stream featured on Twitch’s homepage, so just imagine how hard it is for newcomers. To increase the chances of people finding you, you should start posting your stream clips to other social media like TikTok (with a little help from StreamLadder). 

What is cross-posting?

Cross-posting is essentially just posting your content on different platforms simultaneously. For example, if you have a video or clip that you want to share with your audience, you can crosspost it to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram or Threads by sharing the same content across all of them. This helps to reach a broader audience and ensures consistency in your message across different channels. Crossposting can be done manually by posting the same content on different platforms individually, or it can be automated using tools like StreamLadder.

Why should you cross-post?

You should post your content across different platforms to reach a wider audience and gain a bigger following. Not everyone is active on the same social media platforms, so by casting a wider net, potential viewers have a bigger chance of finding you and your content. More visibility across different platforms can also lead to increased engagement and help you build brand awareness. Users who might not follow you on one platform might encounter your content on another, leading to more likes, comments and shares. Maybe they’ll even come and hang out on your stream.

We spoke to the internet’s favorite dad recently, GamerDad, on how to stay relevant on Twitch, and he also emphasized the importance of cross-posting. “I [first] started posting TikToks just for fun, of my dog and whatnot. I had no idea what I was doing. But then I thought, I have these [old] clips from my streaming channel, maybe people would like that? So I posted a clip from that – and I got half a million views! Just like that. So I started posting more of them, but [at first] I was just posting them in a standard format. I started formatting them with the StreamLadder app and I wasn't even [actively] streaming, really, for maybe a year and a half, but I still went from 12,000 followers on Twitch to 20,000!”

How to cross-post?

Cross-posting can be a lot of work. But with the right tools, it’s no more work than posting to just one platform. We’ve developed StreamLadder specifically for Twitch streamers and other creators to make it easier to convert your stream clips to videos for social media and to post them to various platforms with just a couple of clicks. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to StreamLadder.com
  2. Pick one of the clips from your feed, enter a link or upload a file from your computer. 
  3. Edit the video as you please – choose your layout, add captions, stickers and more.
  4. Hit render.
  5. Connect your social media accounts if you haven’t already, add a description (add hashtags into the description as well) and post your video(s). You can also schedule your videos to be posted later – choose ‘Pick time’ instead of ‘Post now’.
  6. Go to the Content Publisher in your Dashboard to keep an overview of the videos you've got lined up, in case you want to plan your videos ahead of time and choose not to post the videos right away.

And that’s it! Super simple. 

So, with tools like StreamLadder, there’s really no excuse to just keep posting your content to one platform. Start cross-posting, and who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find even more viewers to grow your stream. 

Convert your stream clips to content for social media. Try StreamLadder for free today. 

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