How to turn your Kick clip into the perfect TikTok

Learn how to make perfect TikTok videos from your Kick stream clips.

How to turn your Kick clip into the perfect TikTok

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Move over Twitch – there's a new Kick on the block. Build an audience, reach new viewers and make the most out of this new platform by turning your Kick stream clips into TikToks. Here's how.

1. Make it fit 

Before sharing your content on TikTok, make sure that it’s in the right size and aspect ratio. While most Kick videos are in landscape format (19:6), TikTok requires portrait size (6:19). Luckily, you can easily do this with StreamLadder by creating a clip from your Kick video, copying the link and pasting it into the upload bar. 

2. Show your name

On TikTok, you only have a limited window to make an impression, so it's good to include a shout-out to your Kick account name. This increases the likelihood of being remembered and discovered on other channels. A simple Kick sticker on your video should be enough. 

Add stickers with your name to let people know where to find you

3. Enhance with text overlays and captions

TikTok is renowned for its text overlays, which add context and engagement to videos. You can include a small, concise line of text to highlight crucial parts of your Kick clip, automatically add captions or subtitles for viewers watching without sound, or even incorporate your own commentary. To ensure important content isn't obstructed by TikTok's interface, toggle on StreamLadders safe zones.

4. Add music or sound effects

Embrace the power of music! TikTok benefits from its catchy songs or sound effects that you can use to boost engagement. Music can create an emotional connection with your audience, set the video's tone, enhance funny moments and make it more shareable, increasing its chances of going viral.

5. Experiment with filters and effects

Although optional, applying filters to your TikTok videos can enhance their visual appeal, add a unique touch, create a specific mood or distinguish your content from others on the platform. TikTok offers various filters, from simple color adjustments to advanced effects like slow-motion, time-lapse and green screen. Experiment with different options to find what complements your content best. Be careful though – filters can also make your videos worse.

6. Keep it short

Given that TikTok videos are typically around 15 seconds long, it's crucial to adapt your content to fit this timeframe. Focus on the most critical aspects of your Kick clip and condense them into a shorter, more digestible format. To retain viewers' interest, you could consider beginning with striking visuals or engaging text that entices them (wait for it…) to watch till the end.

Turn your stream clips into perfect social media content with StreamLadder. Go on – give it a try. The basic version is completely free.

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