TwitchCon Paris 2023: Working with Brands

Learn brand collaboration tips from TwitchCon Paris with insights by lilyoli and RayApollo. Discover how to define your value and connect effectively.

TwitchCon Paris 2023: Working with Brands

If you have a steady stream of followers, then you could be of value to brands and collaborate to make an extra buck. But, where do you begin? We went to TwitchCon in Paris, where lilyoli and RayApollo gave a great talk on how to work with brands. Here's a short summary of what we’ve learnt. 

Define your value

First, it’s important to know your unique value proposition for a brand – so what makes you stand out and what value does your audience bring to the table? You can write an elevator pitch and prepare a media kit to make your point.

Create a connection

Identify which type of roles align with your ask, and find out how to contact them. There are a few ways to create a connection. You could engage with social media and try to get your community involved to create awareness about you and the value you could have to certain brands. Fun fact: the Dutch singer S10 got herself to represent the Netherlands in Eurovision after tweeting that she really wanted to do it. Don’t be afraid to communicate what you want to achieve (in a respectful way) and something might just happen. If you do have to cold contact, be authentic and consistent. 

Outreach tips and tricks

It takes time to create a connection, so don’t be discouraged if nothing happens straight away. Follow-up if you’re not getting a response, but try to read the room as well. You don’t want to come across as  too pushy. With every new interaction, try to make clear what’s in it for the brand. 

Outreach example

[Elevator pitch]

Hi there, I’m [name] and I’m a cooking streamer who loves making gaming inspired treats because food has the power to brighten anyone’s day. 

[Connection + Media kit]

[Game name] kickstarted my gaming journey, now I have a small but mighty community who’s excited to see what game I’ll play – or bake! Last month we raised $10k for gaming accessibility in two days, which you can learn more about in my media kit.  

[Tangible idea]

With the release of your new game this year, I’m interested in working with your brand to do a baking stream in which I challenge multiple content creators to bake their favorite items from the game with limited resources. 

Approval & review process

If you’ve managed to set up a collaboration – congratulations! Now it’s important that you’re on the same page when it comes to what is expected and when. Always confirm the deliverables, plan ahead to avoid pitfalls and make suggestions in time. 

Approval email example

Can’t wait to kick off the stream! Please review the assets below in preparation for our Paint Night collaboration stream on 9 May from 12.00 - 16.00 CET and let me know if any changes are needed by 18 April.
Channel panel
  • Asset: [Link to graphic]
  • Link: [Link]
Brand Logo on stream
  • Asset [Link to graphic] 
  • Link We are unable to link via an on-stream logo, but I will have a chatbot share a link to the website
  • Chatbot (command): Learn more about [Brand] at [Link]


And that’s it! Thanks to lilyoli and RayApollo for allowing us to share this knowledge with you.

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