TwitchCon Rotterdam 2024 Recap: Key Announcements and Highlights

TwitchCon Rotterdam 2024: 11.5k attendees, exciting announcements, new features, and vibrant community engagement. Full recap of the weekend can be read here!

TwitchCon Rotterdam 2024 Recap: Key Announcements and Highlights

TwitchCon Rotterdam 2024 was an exciting celebration of live streaming, held at the Rotterdam Ahoy convention center from June 28 to June 30. With over 11,500 visitors, the event was a hub of innovation, community engagement, and thrilling updates from Twitch. Here’s a concise recap of the major highlights:

Event Highlights


  • Badge Pickup: The convention kicked off with badge pickup day on Friday, where live music outside the venue invited attendees to start dancing and connecting. This festive atmosphere set the tone for an exciting weekend.
  • Loot Cave Merchandise: The Loot Cave featured exclusive Rotterdam x TwitchCon merchandise, offering attendees unique collectibles and souvenirs.
  • Partner Party: Twitch Partners enjoyed a dedicated space to bond and network at the Partner Party, which included exclusive access to the Loot Cave for shopping Twitch merchandise and collectibles.


  • Opening Ceremony: Saturday began with an opening ceremony hosted by Twitch ambassadors and CEO Dan Clancy. Clancy shared exciting Twitch news, highlighting the platform's latest innovations and future direction. The announcements are highlighted later in this article.
  • Party Animals Twitch Rivals: The Party Animals Twitch Rivals tournament crowned LittleBigWhale_ as the winner. Attendees could also "touch some grass" with a quirky addition—a person walking around with a board of real grass, adding a playful element to the event.


  • MC Championship: Sunday featured the MCC Championship Twitch Rivals with a $100,000 prize. Team Coyotes emerged victorious, notably being the only team with two Dutch players.

Major Twitch Announcements

  • Bleed Purple Statue: Twitch introduced physical awards for streamers achieving 5 million, 50 million, and 250 million watch hours, with about 3,150 creators initially qualifying.
  • Power-Ups Expansion: Seasonal message effects, sound effects, text-to-speech, and custom Power-Ups were added to enhance stream interactivity and personalization.
  • Universal Mobile App: Launching this summer, the new app will offer a consistent and enhanced user experience across devices.
  • DJ Program Enrollment: Opening in August, this program will provide new opportunities for DJs and music creators on Twitch.
  • Creator Clubs: These new clubs for IRL streamers and DJs will offer educational resources, support from Twitch staff, and community engagement, similar to Unity Guilds.
  • Attendee Gifts: Visitors received thoughtful gifts: Plastic Bags for community members, Sunglasses for Affiliates, and Visor + Sunglasses for Partners.
  • CKibe Posters: Official posters for TwitchCon Rotterdam and the upcoming TwitchCon San Diego, created by CKibe, added artistic flair to the events.
  • Guest Star Drop-Ins: A new feature enabling live creators to call each other, enhancing spontaneous collaboration and interaction.
  • Terms of Sales Update: Confirms the ability for streamers to create custom Power-Ups and hints at more direct benefits for subscriptions.
  • Shared Chat and Video Stories: Testing new features including shared chat for Guest Star users and 60-second video stories with adjustable expiration times.
  • Mobile App Discovery Feed: An upcoming feature allowing users to mute content discovery by default.
  • CEO Insights: In interviews, Dan Clancy emphasized slow, sustainable growth and the role of AI in livestreaming. He identified Amazon and Netflix as primary competitors, rather than YouTube or TikTok.
  • Warning System API: A new API for managing warnings is in open beta, with general availability expected soon.
  • Press Center Update: Twitch reported 80 million monthly visitors and 10 million first-time streamers in 2023, highlighting significant platform growth.
  • Twitch rewrote parts of their Tips to Applying for Partner help document, including new FAQs.
  • Some CommanderRoot Analytics: Twitch currently has 3,610,339 affiliates and 67,409 partners, all while having 1,528 staff accounts.There are currently more than 18,480,227 emotes on Twitch.

Community Engagement and Activities

  • Shows and Meet & Greets: The event featured a range of shows and bustling meet & greet sessions, where attendees could meet popular creators like Sweet_Anita, the Baldur's Gate live cast, and Pirate Software. These sessions were a highlight for fans, providing memorable interactions and direct engagement with their favorite streamers.
  • Community Interaction: Attendees had many opportunities to interact with their favorite streamers, share experiences, and strengthen community bonds.


TwitchCon Rotterdam 2024 was a dynamic blend of major announcements, interactive features, and community engagement. With new tools, expanded features, and a focus on sustainability, Twitch is poised to continue its evolution in the live streaming landscape, offering enhanced experiences for creators and viewers alike.

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